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Pull Your Elf Together

Can you get this Elf ready in time for Santa's sleigh ride?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 7th 2021

 This Christmas Elf has overslept after a staying up too late scoffing mince pies and satsumas. Can you get her ready in time for Santa's sleigh ride? 

Pull Your Elf Together


Oh no! Your Elf has overslept! How do you wake her up?


Better have a quick wash if you want to be ready for Santa! How does your Elf brush up?


 Quick, find her Elf costume!


Better have some breakfast, what are you feeding your Elf?


Does your Elf have all her stuff ready to leave?


How is your Elf getting to Santa's?


How's the traffic?


How's your Elf feeling?


You got there! How does Santa seem?

Christmas Miracle result thumbnail


It's a Christmas Miracle! You managed to get your Elf together on time!

Well done result thumbnail

You made it!

Phew, just in time! Your Elf is a little worse for wear but you made it!

Try again result thumbnail

Not quite!

You were so close! But your Elf was just a little too slow!

Oh no result thumbnail

Festive Failure

Oh no! Looks like your Elf is still in bed! Never mind, have another go!