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Quiz: Build a Snowman and We’ll Tell You How Long He’ll Last!

Using your creative skills, build a snowman by answering a series of questions. Will it last for a day or... forever?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 13th 2017

Are you ready?

1/10 Snowman

Where will you build it?

2/10 Snowman

What shape will your snowman be?

3/10 Mittens

Will you smooth off the shape with your mittens?

4/10 Snowman

Will your snowman have arms?

5/10 Santa hat

Every snowman needs a hand because it's cold. What will you choose?

6/10 Clothes

What about clothes?

7/10 Snowman

Give your snowman a face...

8/10 Leather bag

Does your snowman need a bag?

9/10 Winter boots

What about a pair of shoes?

10/10 Snowman

Finally. You'll need to give your snowman a name...


Your snowman will last: 1 week!

A good effort. Your location means it won't be in the sunshine and your choice of shape and accessories means it'll be enjoyed for a whole seven days!

two hours

Your snowman will last: 2 hours!

You put your snowman in direct sunlight. Quick, take a picture before it turns into mush!


Your snowman will last: 1 month!

Wow! That's ages! Brilliant work.


Your snowman will last: Forever

Because you built your snowman in the freezing cold garage, it's protected from the light, wind and your jealous rubbish-at-building-snowmen neighbours. But where will the car go? Outside in the garden, probably.