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Christmas Quiz: What Time Do You Open Your Presents at Christmas?

By answering a series of questions about Christmas presents, we'll tell you what type of person you are! Don't blame us, blame science!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 25th 2017

Are you ready? Then begin!

1/10 Christmas

 What's your first thought on Christmas morning?

2/10 Christmas

What is the most acceptable time to begin opening your presents?

3/10 Christmas

Is it possible to go back to sleep on Christmas morning?

4/10 Night sky

It's Christmas morning but it's still dark. What do you do?

5/10 Christmas

It's too early to get up, but you can't resist looking at your Christmas stocking. Do you...

6/10 Christmas

Ok, you can open the presents in your Christmas stocking now. How do you go about the task?

7/10 Christmas

It's time to go into the living room. Do you...

8/10 Christmas

Open something, then. What do you open first?

9/10 Christmas

What do you do with all the wrapping paper?

10/10 Christmas

After you've finished unwrapping your presents, everyone else goes back to bed. Do you?

Relaxed Christmas Quiz

You're relaxed!

It might be the most exciting day of the year, but that doesn't make you giddy like a goat. Not even a pile of presents fazes you.

Buddy the Elf Christmas Quiz

You're excitable!

Your energy could light up a whole town. You love Christmas more than Buddy the Elf, don't you?

Puppy Christmas Quiz

You're kind!

Even though you're about to dive headfirst into a pile of presents, you always make sure every one has had enough sleep to begin the day. Nice!

High five Christmas Quiz

You're full of fun!

Well, someone is fun to be around, especially at Christmas. High fives all round, yeah? YEAH!