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Tricky Name The Fruit or Vegetable Quiz

We've zoomed in on 20 different types of fruits and veg. Can you guess the name of the fruit or vegetable in this awesome quiz?

Name the fruit! Name the vegetable!

Can you guess the fruit or vegetable in this tricky quiz? On your marks, get set, chomp!

Let’s do this!

1/20 A brightly coloured vegetable

What's this?

2/20 A close-up of a vegetable

What on earth is that?

3/20 A green vegetable

What's this chap called?

4/20 A fruit full of many seeds

Name this fruit for another point.

5/20 A close up of a root vegetable

Some people prefer to have these roasted. But what is it?

6/20 A crisp bunch of a leafy vegetable

This has become a cool thing to eat in recent years. Can you tell us its name?

7/20 A crunchy vegetable

What's this crunchy character called?

8/20 A citrus fruit

What's this colourful fruit called?


This leafy vegetable will make you fart like a tractor. Name it.

10/20 A part of any Sunday dinner

This too will help clear a room and goes well with cheese. Would you care to answer this question?

11/20 A very sweet fruit

What's this sweet treat known as?

12/20 A close up of fruit

Tell us what this fruit is called…

13/20 A delicious addition to any meal

These are delicious. But what's its name?

14/20 A summer fruit

These are nice in the summer. Name this fruit for one point.

15/20 Crunchy fruit

One of these a day will keep the doctor away!

16/20 A sweet fruit

What's this fruit called? 

17/20 A very bitter citrus fruit

Can you name this bitter fruit?

18/20 A slightly bitter fruit

You might find this on the breakfast table. What is it?

19/20 A bunch of a certain type of fruit

Do you know what these are?

20/20 A certain type of fungi

Wow! This is pretty close up. What is this vegetable called?

Oh dear. Have another go. We believe in you!

A sad looking Brussels sprout

Good effort! Why not have another go and try to get an even better score?

A happy slice of orange approves of your score

Great! Why not have another go and try to get an even better score?

A perfect score

Perfect! You know your fruit and vegetables, don't you? Are you a greengrocer?

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