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Which Premier League Team Should I Support?

Which Premier League team should I support? Quiz yourself and find out! Stuck on which football team to follow this season? Take the test and we'll choose!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 2nd 2023

Apart from the latest issue of Beano hitting the shelves at your local newsagents or a fireworks display, there are few things in life as exciting as Premier League football. Maybe you're lucky enough to live near one of the 20 top English teams or are able to watch the matches live at home on the telly. But if you're new to the sport and want to see what all the fuss is about, then you'll need to devote yourself completely to one team, through thick and thin! But the question is, which one?

Maybe you've heard how great some of the teams are already, like Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool or Chelsea. Or perhaps you've noticed a lot of people talking about teams like Newcastle United, who went from likely relegation candidates one season, to becoming a top 4 side in the space of one season.

There's lots of things to consider when choosing a football team to support. Some people choose their local team or the side that are closest to where they were born. Some people choose the most popular sides because there's a better chance of seeing them lift a trophy at the end of the season – or several if you've chosen Manchester City! Some people have a favourite player and follow them throughout their career, or some people choose to root for the underdog which is just as exciting as anything else.

Are you still at a loss as to how to pick which Premier League side to follow after all those big hints? Well, have no fear as's resident football experts have created a special personality quiz which will determine which squad will be your team! All you have to do is answer a series of simple questions. Then our football computer will analyse the answers and provide you with a side to support. And remember, our computer's decision is final.

Not even a VAR replay will be able to change your outcome! Let's go!

1/10 Which Premier League Team Should I Support: A birds eye view of a British street

Which part of the country do you live in?

2/10 Which Premier League Team Should I Support Quiz: A football fan singing his heart out

How loudly can you sing?

3/10 A football player scores a goal

Do you expect your team to win every match?

4/10 A football player standing with ball on the field

Who's your favourite football player?

5/10 Football fans celebrating a goal

Which of the following things do you identify with the most?


Pick a local accent!

7/10 Watching football at home on TV

Where would you prefer to watch a game?

8/10 Two elderly football fans celebrating a goal

Imagine your team loses by lots of goals. How would you react?

9/10 A gamer grandad

How good are you at FIFA?

10/10 A painter holding a paint colour chart

What colours would you paint your bedroom?

Manchester United
Manchester United

Manchester United!

You love a team that has won the most Premier League titles. Luckily for you, our computer picked this Manchester side!



You expect to win all the time, but often don't and go off in a huff. Our computer's choice is perfect! It's Arsenal for you!



You're loud, proud and love to see your team win. Our computer reckons Liverpool is the perfect match for you!

Newcastle United
Newcastle United

Newcastle United!

You've been in the shadows of others for years, but things are looking up for the Toon Army. Howay the lads!