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Roblox: King Legacy Quiz - Roblox Rogues Only!

It’s another Roblox special, this time the amazing King Legacy! But do you have what it takes to get 100%?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 25th 2022

Roblox is, as we all know, one of the best games ever made in the entire world! There are so many cool and creative things that you can do with it and one of the coolest is King Legacy. It is inspired by a famous Manga and Anime series and allows you to play in the same universe as the story! Cool right! Why not check it our and see how well you can do at this quiz!?


What is King Legacy based on?


Who created King Legacy?


What is the main theme of King Legacy?


What long extinct animals are in King Legacy?


Is there a PVP?


What is the name of the boss with three heads?


If you said that it was based on an anime, well done - but which anime?


Where is anime and manga originally from?


If you have eaten a devil fruit, what can’t you do?


What opponents live on Orange Town?

Uh Oh - have you even played the game? We think you could probably do better, so why not have another go and see if you can improve! After all, practice makes perfect, and King Legacy is definitely something worth getting right into!

Alright! Good effort, you certainly know your pirates from your soldiers, and that’s a great start! But King Legacy is a big game full of amazing stories, brilliant bosses and a whole lot of grinding - so let’s get back out there! There’s no time to waste!

High score! Well done, you know a thing or two about King Legacy, nice! There aren’t many people out there with a knowledge of the game as good as yours so give yourself a pat on the back! Of course, you could always try again and see if you can get 100%? It’s so nearly in your grasp!

Wow! Full marks! You’re the true monarch of King Legacy! Nothing gets past you! Well done! With knowledge like this nothing will be able to stand in your way - you’ve clearly put the hours into the grind and it shows! Brilliant stuff, why not use your new found skill and try out some of our other quizzes? You’re on a roll!