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20+ Scarecrow Jokes That Aren't Too Corny

These funny scarecrow jokes are hay-larious! Check them out and see what we have in straw!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  December 10th 2021

You'll love these funny scarecrow jokes - they're outstanding in their field! And once you've had a chuckle at these, why not check out our funny Carrot Jokes? Or these awesome Autumn Jokes? And as ever, there are even more lols on our jokes hub!

What do you say when you find your scarecrow has been stolen?

That's the last straw!

Why is it hard to hug a scarecrow?

Because you're clutching at straws!

Why are the scarecrow's jokes so bad?

They're too corny!

Why don't scarecrows go for dinner with farm animals?

It costs them an arm and a leg!

How do scarecrows drink?

With a straw!

Why didn't the scarecrow eat much for dinner?

It was already stuffed!

What's a scarecrow's favourite fruit?


'Why are you so good at being a scarecrow?'

'Hay, it's in my jeans'

What moos and is made of hay?

A scarecow!

How do scarecrows say hello?


How do scarecrows vote?

They take a straw poll!

What do you call a scarecrow that's not being used?

A sparecrow!

What's a scarecrow's favourite part of a roast dinner?

The stuffing!

Why didn't the scarecrow like standing in the radish field?

He got beet up!

What's a scarecrow detective called?

Strawlock Holmes!

What did the scarecrow say on a hot day in Oz?

'If I only had some rain!'

What's got paws and claws and stands in the middle of a field?

A bearcrow!

Why are scarecrows so cool?

They're just a-maize-ing!

What did the scarecrow say to the DJ?

Turnip the beet!

Why did the scarecrow win an award?

Because he was outstanding in his field!