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20 Scone Jokes That Aren't Crummy!

These cream-filled belly-busters are definitely your jam! Check out these snack-tastic jokes and find out why scones are the funniest thing on the menu!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 15th 2023

Do you have an unhealthy interest in scones? Do you like laughing? Well check out our amazing list of jokes and.. ahem... kill two birds with one scone! These jokes are guaranteed to keep you chuckling until it's time for your elevenses! Don't believe us? Just take a bite of these light and fluffy scone puns and see for yourself!

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What’s a baker’s favourite pop star?

Elton Scone!

What did the baker say when his recipe was stolen?

Nooo! It's scone!

What did Jesus say to the crowd of bakers?

Let he who is without sin cast the first scone!

What’s the fastest cake?


What did the bread say when it was having a midlife crisis?

I knead some answers!

Did you hear about the disappearing breakfast?

One minute it was there. The next, scone!

What are the most powerful biscuits in the universe?

The Infinity Scones!

What do you call it when bready snacks fight each other?

Game of Scones!

A man points to a scone and asks...'Is this Gluten free?'

Cashier: No. It costs £2.50!

What do you call a game where Germans throw scones at each other?

Gluten tag!

Two scones got married

It was going well until someone toasted the bride and groom!

I saw on Wikipedia that dolphins can make scones!

[cetacean kneaded]

Today I'm making scones covered in jam

I'm excited - I've never been covered in jam before!

I painted a picture of a scone that I really admired…

It was my roll model!

Sometimes I go to the scone museum

But it gets stale after a while!

Does anyone else feel that scones are better than everything else?

Or am I just breadjudiced?

My dad's scone factory burnt down

Now his business is toast!

Why are some people ambivalent about eating scones?

It's their yeast favourite!

You can lose weight by putting scones on your head

It's a loaf-hat-diet!

A wise baker once said

You doughn't know what you've got til it's scone...