Slime: Everything you Wanted to Know!

Your complete guide, including easy DIY slime recipes you can make at home using just glue and contact lens solution!

How is slime made?

Well, the good news is that you don't need to be a science boffin or own factory to make it!

You can make your own slime by watching our video – have fun!

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What different types are there?

There's lots of different types! There's crunchy, magnetic, glitter, fluffy and slime you can actually eat – but remember: not all slime is edible!

Satisfying slime
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Which slime should I make or buy?

That's entirely up to you – but it's way more fun to make it yourself, don't you think? 

Remember, all you need is glue, water, special contact lens solution and a nice clean surface – don't forget to add a little food dye to make yours really colourful!

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Which one is best?

While we give a big thumbs up to all kinds of the gooey stuff, we think magnetic slime is AWESOME!

Magnetic slime
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Which slime is stretchiest?

Not all slime stretches very easily and make break apart if you pull it too much – scientists agree that slime made using a small amount of laundry starch will give the streeeeeeeeetchiest results!

Stretchy slime
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How do I make slime?

If you've not had a chance to watch our tutorial video, let's recap: all you need is a bowl, some glue, contact lens solution, food dye and water 

Once you've done that, here are some secrets to make your slime even more awesome!

Make your own slime
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