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20 Slime Jokes With Icky Punchlines

Prepare to ooze with laughter after reading Beano's hilarious collection of slime jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 24th 2022

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Did you hear about the guy who made an outfit out of super-gluey slime?

It was hard to pull off!

How do you know you're obsessed with putting glue in slime?

You can't put it down!

A green slime character

How do you know if two slimes are in love?

They're practically glued together!

Three chattering joke teeth

What kind of slime is immortal?

Unicorn slime!

Whats magnetic slime's favourite band?


Why is rainbow slime so popular?

It comes with a pot of gold!

What's a smile's favourite game?

Slimon says!

What do you give a zombie who is up to their neck in slime?

More slime!

Why does slime make people happy?

Because there's a smile in every smile!

What do slimes use to dress up?

snail varnish!

Whats a slime's favourite type of rock?


What did the boss snail say to the worker?

Slime is of the essence!

What did the slug say when he slid down the wall?

How slime flies!

What did the police slug say to the criminal as they got away?

I'll get you next slime!

What do you do with blue slime?

You make it feel better!

What do snails do when they fight?

They slug it out!

What did the baby slime say to its mum?


What did the monster ask his girlfriend?

Be my valen-slime!

Why did the blob stay at home?

He had no place to goo!

What’s a blob’s favourite drink?


Green slime grinning and licking its lips
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