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Snot Fleas in the Wild!

Did you nose that Snot Fleas don’t just keep Gnasher’s nose running smoothly. They also live in a whole range of different nasal cavities!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

Recent scientific discoveries by the boffins at Snottingham Universiflea has revealed that wild Snot Flea’s don’t just spend their time up Gnasher’s nose! In fact, wild Snot Fleas often go on holiday. Examples of Snot Flea vacations listed in their studies even included a Snot Flea who packed their trunk to holiday up Elephant’s nose!

This Snot Flea rented out an AIRFleaNFlea in the beak of a bird of prey (A golden Fleagle, perhaps?).

It’s not just wild animals that Snot Flea’s will visit, being partial to trips to farm parks, heading snout-and-about for a taste of moo-cow mucus…

sheep snot, pig phlegm and whatevers in the neighsal cavity of a horse…

Everyone nose that Snot Fleas are disgusting…

But this love of travel is a heartwarming discovery.

So bless them (and you, if you have Snot Fleas!)