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Ladybird Jokes

Can you SPOT how funny these ladybird jokes are? We've compiled some of the funniest ladybird jokes for every fan of insects and creepy crawly comedy!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  January 14th 2022

These funny ladybird jokes won't bug you at all! Have a lol at the best ladybird jokes around! If you enjoyed these, we've got some bee-rilliant bee jokes too! Or how about these silly spider jokes for any fans of our eight legged friends? And there's fly jokes for anyone wanting create a buzz! And as always, there's even more jokes on our brilliant jokes hub!

What are ladybirds afraid of?


Why don't ladybirds play hide and seek?

They always get spotted!

How did the ladybird know it was sick?

It was covered in spots!

Why are ladybirds so confident?

Dunno, they just wing it!

What's a sirbird?

A male ladybird!

What do ladybirds use to keep fresh?


What 's a ladybird's favourite app?

TICK tok!

What should you say if a ladybird is annoying you?

'Stop bugging me!'

Where does a ladybird go in an emergency?

The waspital!

Why couldn't the ladybird go to the dance?

It was a mothball!

What insect is always red and covered in spots but is never sick?

A ladybird!

What's a ladybird's favourite sport?


What do you call a musical ladybird?

A humbug!

What's a ladybird's favourite band?

The Beatles!

What's red and black and stripey?

A confused ladybird!

What do ladybirds use for lights?

A larva lamp!

What's green with black spots?

A sick ladybird!

Why was the ladybird in such a hurry?

She had to fly away home!

What's do you call a ladybird in a crown?

A queenbug!

Did you hear about the ladybird who fell in love with a bedbug?

They were married in the spring!

Why did the ladybird go to the doctor?

She had spots!