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20 Wasp Jokes Which Are Sort of the Bee's Knees

Get buzzing for Beano's witty wasp jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  October 11th 2021

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What can fly underwater?

Wasp jokes

A wasp in a submarine!

What do you get if you cross a wasp and a doorbell?

wasp jokes

A hum-dinger!

Why do wasps stay in their nest in winter?

wasp jokes


Who's a wasp's hero?

wasp jokes

Buzz Aldrin!

What's yellow and black and yellow and black and yellow and black?

wasp jokes

A wasp rolling down a hill!

What is a wasps favourite fantasy film?

wasp jokes

Lord of the stings!

What sport do wasps play?

wasp jokes

Sting pong!

Who is a wasps favourite singer?

wasp jokes


What is a wasps favourite film?

wasp jokes

Sting-ing in the Rain!

If you see a wasp, don't kill it.

wasp jokes

Just let it bee!

Why do wasps never leave tips?

wasp jokes

Because they're stingy!

What sound does a wasp make when it hits your windshield?

A bee flat!

Say what you want about wasps.

wasp jokes

But at least they wear high visibility jackets to prevent accidents!

I asked for two wasps at the pet shop. The owner said they didn't sell wasps.

wasp jokes

I said, but you have them in the window!

How do Ant Man and Wasp get around town?

They ride on the buzz!

I went to watch the English Wasps play the other day...

They were alright but I hear they've got no bee team!

What does a wasp say when it is having an identity crisis?

Too bee or not too bee?

What do you call a wasp?

A wanna-bee!

Where do you take a sick hornet?

The waspital!

Where do wasps go on holiday?

holiday jokes


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