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20 Heroic St George's Day Jokes and Puns!

These jokes and puns will totally SLAY you on this fine April day!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 23rd 2024

It's the day to celebrate the patron saint of England - but we bet you didn't know it was also a great source of comedy! Celebrate this April with some hilarious St. George's Day puns and jokes - you'll be roaring like a dragon with laughter! Then why not also have a laugh with some St. Patrick's Day jokes, or learn all about the man himself with some facts about St. George?

How did St. George search the land for the dragon?

He did a geographical sir-vey!

What do you call St. George’s taxes?

A sir charge!

What did St. George say when he was executed?

“I’ll beheading off now!”

Why did St. George wear a jacket with an octopus on it?

It was his coat of arms!

Did you know that the dragon wasn’t expecting to be defeated by a brave knight?

I guess you could call it a Sir Prise!

How did the dragon see in the dark?

With knight-vision goggles!

Why did St. George want the dragon to join his rock band?

He really knew his scales!

How do we know that St. George lived in the Dark Ages?

Because there were so many knights!

Did you know that another knight went with St. George to fight the dragon?

His name? Sir Plus!

Why didn’t the dragon eat St. George?

He was sick of canned food!

What is St. George’s favourite tabletop game?

Dungeons and Dragons!

When did St. George go to sleep?

Knight time!

How often does the dragon eat people?


What’s the worst part about St. George’s Day?

It can really dragon!

How old is St. George?


Did you know that St. George is afraid of the dark?

He has to use a knight light!

What happened when St. George got discombobulated and lost all his weapons?

He was out of swords!

How did St. George weigh the dragon?

He used its scales!

What’s the best thing about England?

Well, the flag is a big plus!

Why is St. George so smart?

He goes to knight school!