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Can You Beat Our Strictly Come Dancing Quiz 2022?

Strap on your dancing shoes for this year's Strictly quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 12th 2022

It's Season 20 and we're totally hooked on Strictly! It's been an exciting contest so far and we're making our bets on who the winner will be. Why don't you see how much you've been paying attention and take our 2022 Strictly Quiz? Maybe you're the rightful owner of the Glitterball Trophy! Don't forget to check out other Strictly fun - find out which judge you are, or which dancer you're just like, or have a laugh with some Strictly jokes!


Who returned to host this year's show?

Strictly Come Dancing | BBC

Which of the following people is NOT a judge this season?

Strictly Come Dancing | BBC

Which long-running pro left the show this year?


How many couples started out this season?


Who was the first celebrity to be eliminated?


On Movie Week, which Disney movie soundtrack did Fleur and Vito American Smooth to?

Strictly Come Dancing | BBC

Why did this year feature a BBC Week?


On Halloween week, Molly and Carlos tangoed to Running Up That Hill. What spooky show featured the song this year?


In Week 10 which Billie Eilish song did Molly and Carlos tango to?


Which venue is the show filmed in, for the first time in three years?

Oops! You might need to catch up on this season of Strictly! Don't worry, you can rewatch all your favourite dances online!

Not bad! You're a casual fan of the show. Maybe rewatch your favourite dances and try again to see if you can up your score!

Hey, you did well! You're clearly a bit of a Strictly fan. Maybe rewatch your favourite dances and try again to see if you can up your score!

Wow, we've got a Strictly expert here! Maybe you should be taking the Glitterball Trophy home!