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Strictly Come Dancing Jokes

Check out these funny Strictly Come Dancing jokes! They're a real FEET of comedy!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 13th 2022

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Why is it so disappointing to lose Strictly?

Everyone hates de-feet!

What's a tortilla chip's favourite Strictly routine?

The salsa!

What does  Bruno Tonioli think of anything that isn't ballet?

It's pointe-less!

Why does Anton Du Beke always dance near the sink?

He likes to tap dance!

How many Strictly judges does it take to change a lightbulb?

5, 6, 7, 8!

Who hosts the late edition of Strictly Come Dancing?

Tess Nightly!

Why can't dogs go on Strictly?

They have two left feet!

Did you hear about the pie who entered Strictly Come Dancing?

It did the merengue!

Have you heard of Strictly's new, laidback dance show?

It's called 'Leniently Come Dancing!'

Why did the mystery writer go on Strictly Come Dancing?

To do the twist!

Which Strictly judge went on GGBO?

Anton Du Bake!

What do Strictly contestants eat for breakfast?

Oaty Mabuse!

Why didn't the egg want to go on Strictly?

It was worried about break dancing!

What did Strictly do during the pandemic?

Strictly dist-dancing!

Did you hear about the two Strictly contestants who didn't like each other?

They did the avoi-dance!

Why is Strictly so competitive?

All the dancers will bend over backwards to win!

Why did the astronaut go on Strictly?

To do the moonwalk!

What did the burglar say on Strictly?

Everybody get down!

What sort of birds like Strictly?


How does Anton Du Beke make a tissue dance?

He puts a little boogie in it!

Why will a dog never win Strictly?

They have two left feet!