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Super Smash Bros Jokes

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Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 16th 2022

Are you a Smash Bros fan who's looking for a bunch of super-funny gaming gags? It's-a-here*!

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*Yes, this is a Mario joke.

How do Super Smash Bros characters talk to the dead?

With a Waluigi board!

What do get when you cross Little Mac with a Super Mushroom?

A Big Mac!

What's Princess Peach's favourite song?

Turnip for what!

What's Shulk's favorite Van Halen song?


What do you call a fight between Cloud Strife and Hero?

A square fight!

Why did Donkey Kong go to the dentist?

He had tooth DK!

What kind of car does Pikachu drive?

A Volts-Wagon!

I need to get rid of all my Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise...

It’s gotta go fast!

What do you call a Kirby that only eats bread?


What are the chances people stop mistaking Link for Zelda?

Hylian likely!

Did you hear that joke about Kirby?

Forget it.. It sucks!

A ghost floating against a pink background

What do you call Wolf when he’s got a fever?

A hot dog!

Why do Youtubers love playing as Zelda in Super Smash Bros?

There’s always a Link in the description!

Whatsapp on a smartphone

What hotel does Link stay at?

The Hyatt!

Why does Princess Peach keep Toad around?

He’s a fun-guy!

Waiter: Would you like coffee or tea?


What does Mario use to make pizza?


Computer joke thumbnail
Computer joke thumbnail

How do you get Pikachu on a bus?

You poke him on!

Mario, Luigi and Bowser met up for the first time in 10 years...

It was a Wii Union!

How do the Mario Bros surf the internet?

With a web Bowser!