The Art of Elf Defence

Can you use these ancient Elf tips to save Christmas? Bet you can't!

Christmas has always been a dangerous time for an Elf. There are hazards everywhere, and the only way to survive the festive season is by using the ancient Art of Elf Defence.

Written by the Elder Elves of the most Northern part of the North Pole, the Art of Elf Defence was carved into tinsel scrols and passed down many generations. This quiz will test you on your knowledge of this totally real historical document.

Are you ready?


In the first chapter of the Art of Elf Defence, what should pre-historic elves do if they bump into a sabretooth lizard?


What should you do if you get stuck in a stocking?


In chapter 2 of the Art of Elf Defence, what should Elves do if Romans invade the North Pole?

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According to the Art of Elf Defence, which of these Christmassy things is the most dangerous?

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Where does Elf magic come from?


According to Chapter 3 of the Art of Elf Defence, what is a Viking's greatest weakness?


Which of these things should you NOT do after eating a HUGE Christmas dinner?


According to the ancient Art of Elf Defence, why did the Victorians want to steal Christmas?


To look after Christmas in the future, what should elves do right now?

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