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The Hardest Batman Quiz You'll Ever Do!

Looking to test your knowledge of Gotham City's most famous caped crusader? Then take this fiendishly difficult superhero quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 26th 2022

There have been A LOT of Batman movies, TV shows, cartoons and spinoffs of all kinds. And you'll have to have seen a whole bunch of them to get a high score on this extra tricky bat-tastic quiz! Ready to start?

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In the Dark Knight, where in Asia does Batman visit?


Which of these is a nickname for the Batmobile?


What bird was the Penguin's car shaped like in Batman Returns?


Which Batman villain got their very own movie FIRST?

@natgeowild | giphy

What's the Penguin's real name?

6/10 A Chewbacca lookalike and a mirror ball which looks like the Death Star

Which Star Wars character was also the voice of Batman in a few of the cartoon series?


What was Mr Freeze originally called in the comics?


In the comics, Robin is particularly good at... what?


In the Dark Knight, Batman's voice is really... what?

10/10 Two massive brains

Who is Batman's smartest enemy?

Oh no! Maybe this extra hard Batman quiz was a bit too hard! Never mind - have another go? This potato-faced caped crusader reckons you can do a bit better!

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Great work! You're a Batman expert! This was a tricky quiz too, so you must really have read all the comics and seen all the spinoffs. Right? Now, can you beat this score on another quiz?

Amazing! High score! You absolutely nailed this! There's no Batman fact you don't know! And if there is, we don't want to know about it! Now, can you bag another impressively perfet score on a different superhero quiz?