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10 Question 'The Mermaid Scale' Quiz!

How well do you know this comedy Tik Toker and Youtube star? There's only one way to find out! Quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  February 13th 2022

Her videos have taken Tik Tok by storm and have been watched millions of times all over the world. But how much do you really know about the The Mermaid Scale? Answer these questions and we'll soon find out!

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Anyway... let's go!


What is the Mermaid Scales' real name?


Does she have more followers on Youtube or Tik Tok?

TheMermaidscales | Youtube

Which of these kinds of videos does she make?

TheMermaidscales | Youtube

Guess the title of this video!

5/10 A canvas with a painting of a heart

Which of these things does Krutika like most?

6/10 French tower

Where is she from?

TheMermaidscales | Youtube

What might this video be called?

TheMermaidscales | Youtube

What's she doing here?

TheMermaidscales | Youtube

How many followers has she got on Tik Tok?

TheMermaidscales | Youtube

Ok! Now guess the title of this video!

TheMermaidscales | Youtube

Uh oh! She does not look too impressed! Have you seen any of Krutika's videos? Never mind - watch a few and have another go!

TheMermaidscales | Youtube

Pretty decent! Krutika doesn't look THAT impressed though... fancy another go and see if you can score a little bit higher?

TheMermaidscales | Youtube

Smooth work! You know loads about Krutika's videos! But you just missed out on full marks - can you beat this score on another quiz?

Amazing! You scored full marks! Incredible work - you really know loads Krutika's videos! Now, can get another high score on a different quiz?