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The Ultimate Medical Quiz!

Warning: This quiz features questions about the human body, medical conditions, and possibly some gross stuff too. Test your body-based trivia now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 14th 2021

It’s really important to look after your health. Whether it’s by eating healthily, being active, or making sure we don’t walk out in front of steamrollers, there’s a whole host of things we need to know. But when our bodies get ill, sometimes only expert medical knowledge can help.

Luckily, we have loads of medical experts to help us out. Whether they’re doctors, nurses, orderlies, surgeons, cleaners, or anybody who works in the NHS, to us, they’re absolutely medical LEGENDS. And you can be a medical legend too. Take our ultimate quiz to test your knowledge now!


What is the bodies weakest and most commonly broken bone?

2/20 A grossed out person

Which is the correct spelling of a condition involving loose and watery poo


What organs do you use to breath air in and out of your body?


What do the letters NHS stand for?


What’s this doctor holding?


And what are they for?


How much of the brain is made from water?


Where are your sinuses?


9/20 What country calls a hospital a “Krankenhaus”?


10/20 What colour cross would you find above a pharmacy or chemists?


What’s the largest bone in the human body?


Where would the pain be if you had a strained Glutimus Maximus?


The disease scurvy causes you to lose your teeth. What vitamin are you lacking?


What metal gives blood it’s red colour?


The Nightingale Hospital built to help deal with COVID19 was named after which famous nurse?


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure involving what?


Which one of these can cause a painful gout attack?


The game Jenga is used to train surgeons’ steady hands. True or False?


Who is this?

20/20 A person thinking about spelling

What is the hardest substance in the human body?

Diagnosis: Terminal Fail

Not too bad… Diagnosis: Slight Fail Infestation

Diagnosis: Awesome

Diagnosis: Perfect Specimen!!