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The Ultimate Paralympic Quiz!

How much do you know about the Paralympic Games? Take this quiz and see if you can win a gold medal!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 21st 2021
1/10 Athletics track

The Paralympics first took place in 1960. But in which city?

2/10 Paralympics logo in black and white
International Paralympic Committee

The Paralympics logo consists of three crescents. What colours are they?

3/10 GB athlete Amy Conroy

The current Paralympics motto was introduced in 2004 in Athens. What is it?

4/10 A German-born gymnast
Wikimedia Commons

Athletes with disabilities competed in the Olympics before the Paralymics, the first being a German American gymnast who won gold in in 1904. What was his name?

5/10 A round of high fives

A team made up of six refugee athletes will compete at Tokyo 2020. True or false?

6/10 An athlete holding a gold medal

Which country has topped the medal table a record nine times at the Paralympic Games?

7/10 A sports fan with a Japanese flag

What two sports feature in the Paralympics but NOT in the Olympic Games?

8/10 A moving discus

F53 discus thrower Toshie Oi of Japan set a record at the Rio games in 2016. What was it?

9/10 A slice of pizza running on an athletics track

Which two sports will make their debut at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020?

10/10 The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics mascot
Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee

What is the Paralympic mascot for Tokyo 2020 called?

Result: oops

Oops! No medal this time, but we believe in you!

Result: bronze

You get a bronze medal! Why not have another go and aim for gold?

Result: silver

A silver medal for you! You know lots about this amazing athletics event!

Result: gold

You've won a gold medal for being a Paralympic Games expert!

The answers!

  1. 1. Rome 2. Red, blue and green 3. Spirit in Motion 4. George Eyser 5. True 6. USA 7. Boccia and Goalball 8. He was the oldest athlete to compete in the Paralympicus 9. Badminton and taekwondo 10. Someity