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The Ultimate Tokyo 2020 Olympics Quiz

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 30th 2021
1/15 Japanese street with question mark

True or false: This is Toyko's first time hosting the Olympics?

2/15 Olympics fans with flags

Which number Olympics is this?

3/15 Woman running on pink background with Beano kangaroo

How many sports will be included?

4/15 Gold medal with goofy face

What's unusual about the medals this year?

5/15 Mascots on white background with yellow splat

What's the name of the 2020 mascot?

6/15 Cat sleeping in carboard box

What will the beds in the athletes village be made of?

7/15 Man holding Olympic torch in twilight with yellow splats

Why was the Olympics pushed back a year?

8/15 Runners at start line and screaming pineapple

Who will open the Olympics?

9/15 Man and dog on skateboard with sunglasses and yellow splat

Which of these is a new sport in the Tokyo olympics?

10/15 Man throwing javelin with hench bluetit

What sport does Team GB's Max Whitlock compete in?

11/15 Woman holding up sign with derpy dog face on it

Who is expected to welcome guests at the airport?

12/15 Woman athlete ready to run with Beano tortoise

Why was Tokyo's original hosting in 1940 cancelled?

13/15 Hamster with dumbbells and yellow splat

What is the games official motto for this Olympics?

14/15 Trees with cherry blossom and heart eyes emoji

What was the design of the Olympic torch inspired by?

15/15 Stadium pitch with flying unicorn

What's the name of the stadium that the opening and closing ceremonies will take place in?


Congratulations, you're a true Olympics expert!


Well done, you're ready for the Tokyo Olympics!


Not bad, but we reckon you can do better! Have another go and see if you learn anything else about the Olympics!


Uh oh, looks like you're clueless when it comes to Tokyo 2020! Try again!