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The Ultimate We Can Be Heroes Quiz

If you loved The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D then you'll probably have watched the sequel, We Can Be Heroes. The question is... Were you watching with superhero-like attention, or where you multi screening and digging around in a packet of corn chips when you should have been absorbing the fabulous, all-action, superhero awesomeness?

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  January 14th 2022

We've all wanted to be superheroes at some point and whether your preferred superability is flight, super-strength, flexibility, or the power to unleash the worlds grossest farts, we all know that with great power comes great responsibility... So it's great that in the movie We Can Be Heroes, the power's in the hands of a team of super-kids. Finally, people we can trust not to waste their abilities on doing boring grown-up stuff! It's an awesome film, but are you an awesome quizzer. Let's find out exactly how much you know about the children of We Can Be Heroes!


What power does Wheels have?

2/12 A child eating noodles or spaghetti

What is special about Noodles?

3/12 People singing and dancing

How does A-Cappela move objects?


Whats the name of the person who is always in slow-motion?


What does face-maker do?


How are Rewind and Fast Forwardard related?


Wild Card has immense power but...


What animal does Guppy have the strength of?


What liquid can Guppy fashion into shapes?


How does Ojo communicate?


11/12 What colour is the pyramid?


True or False: We Can Be Heroes won the oscar for best Superhero Film

We Can Be Heroes | Double R | Rodriguez, Rodriguez | Rodriguez

Great score! We Can Be Heroes and because of your skills, so can you!

We Can Be Heroes | Double R | Rodriguez, Rodriguez | Rodriguez

Not bad! We Can Be Heroes and with the right training you might just manage to become one, too!

We Can Be Heroes | Double R | Rodriguez, Rodriguez | Rodriguez

Awful! We Can Be Heroes, but you can't util you've watched at least some of the film!