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There's a New Guff-Trumpet in Town! We’ve Just Found Britain's Best Walter Brown-Wannabe - Jacob Rees-Mogg!!

OMG! Check out this REAL politician Jacob Rees-Mogg who looks just like the most boring boy in BeanoTown, Walter Brown!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 24th 2022
Nigel Parkinson/Press Association

People say life imitates art, but seriously?

We’ve just discovered there’s a REAL person who looks just like Walter Brown! He's basically stealing his look. 

jacob_rees_mogg | Instagram

The Walter Brown-wannabe in question is actually totally-boring politician Jacob Rees-Mogg and he’s an MP for the Conservative party.

So what is it about Jacob that reminds us of Walter so much? Well, where do we begin?

They both wear glasses, for a start.

Not only that, but he and Walter seem to share the same stylist as they both have a suspiciously similar haircut.

jacob_rees_mogg | Instagram

And as for clothes? It’s as if Jacob’s been borrowing his outfits from Walter’s wardrobe!

So next time you see a real-life Walter, remember…

It might just be Jacob Rees-Mogg.

jacob_rees_mogg | Instagram