Things We Learnt from the New Doctor Who Trailer

It's almost time and space for the new series of Doctor Who. Here's a few of the things about it we learnt from watching the trailer...

Nardole's back!

He was in the Christmas special and it looks like he's sticking around

Image by BBC

There's a brand new companion

Her name is Bill and she looks awesome

Image by BBC

They go all over the place. From the pyramids...

Image by BBC

To underwater...

Image by BBC

And plenty of alien planets...

Image by BBC

And spaceships!

Image by BBC

There's a good helping of villains too! The Daleks make a return (of course).

Image by BBC

So does Missy

And the Cybermen

(though they look a bit like they're in their pyjamas or something!)

And whatever this reptile guy is!

Oh! And there's a robot who speaks emoji!

It just looks so EPIC! Are you ready for it?

Image by BBC

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