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Toy Jokes

Ready, teddy, go! Its time for some childhood chortling with these toy-tastic wisecracks!

Beano Team
Last Updated:Β  December 25th 2021

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These toy helicopters are really popular...

They're flying off the shelves!

Did you hear about the man who ate a toy horse?

His condition is stable!

What did the yoda toy say to the other toys?

Toys R Us!

Why can't toys made from paper move?

Because they're stationary!

Where do supermarkets keep the Arnold Schwarzenegger toys?

Aisle B, back!

Why do cuddly toys never eat?

Because they're stuffed!

What's it like being a professional yo-yo player?

It has it's ups and downs!

What do you call a toy train that eats toffee?

A chew chew train!

Broken yoyo for sale!

No strings attached!

What do you call a sweeper that comes back?

A broom-a-rang!

How do you get Pikachu on a bus?

You poke him on!

Why is it so difficult to sell a toy zebra?

You can't find the barcode!

Why won't Woody play his guitar?

He doesn't know where his Pixar!

A constipated man robs a toy store. He steals everything but one teddy bear...

He just couldn't take a Pooh!

What does a heartbroken LEGO person say?

I'm falling to pieces!

What time is it when an elephant sits on your LEGO fort?

Time to build a new LEGO fort!

What has four wheels and eats LEGO bricks?

The vacuum cleaner!

What’s a Jedi’s favourite toy?

A yo-Yoda!

What toy hates to be picked up?


How do you start a cuddly toy race?

Ready, teddy, go!

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