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20 Tuna Puns That Are Off The Scales!

Tuna in to these funny tuna gags! We've got loads of funny tuna jokes here for you, and they're all top quality - nothing fishy!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  April 28th 2022

These tuna jokes are well fresh! Check out these funny tuna puns and jokes and see which ones make you laugh the most! And if you liked these, why not check out our laughable leopard jokes? Or how about these outrageous ocean jokes? We've even got some silly scuba diving jokes for all your sea pun needs! And, as always, there's even more fun on our jokes page.

What's the difference between a tuna and a box?

You can make a tuna roll!

What do tuna fish call submarines?

A can of people!

Why was the tuna sushi student so proud?

He was an honoured roll!

What music should you listen to while trying to hook a tuna?

Something catchy!

How do you tuna fish?

You raise or lower the scales!

Why do the French never eat tuna sandwiches?

Because bread is pain and fish is poisson!

You can't fit inside a small metal box...

But a tuna can!

What do you call a backwards tuna?

A nut!

A tuna sandwich walks into a bar, and the barman says...

'Sorry, we don't serve food here!'

Did you hear about the evil tuna?

He was rotten to his albacore!

Why are tuna easy to weigh?

They have their own scales!

Why did the fish sound so strange when it sang?

It was autotuna-ed!

Why was the tuna embarrassed?

Because the seaweed!

What's got scales and a good sense of pitch?

A piano tuner!

Why was the tuna sad about her job?

She got canned!

Why did Tim's romantic evening go so badly?

He ate some tuna because the can said 'Best before date!'

What did the tuna say when he was cleared of a crime?

I'm off the hook!

Why are tuna so clever?

Because they spend so much time in schools!

What did the tuna say when she hit a concrete wall?


What do Timone and Pumba order in restaurants?

Tuna piccata!

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