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20 Turning Red Jokes That Are Bear-y Funny!

These Turning Red jokes are furry funny! Check them out and turn red from laughter!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 14th 2022

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What do you call it when Mei gets mad?

Ginger snap!

How do you handle Mei's emotions?


How did Mei feel when she first turned into a panda?


What do you get if you cross Mei with a harp?

A Bear-faced lyre!

What's Mei’s favourite kind of art?

Self Paw-traits!

How does Mei cook bamboo shoots?

In a pan, duh!

What’s invisible and smells like bamboo?

Red Panda Farts!

Why did Mei get lost?

She couldn’t find her bear-ings!

What’s Mei’s favourite after school club?

Cub scouts!

What’s the difference between Mei and a polar bear?

A few thousand miles

Why doesn’t Mei wear shoes?

Because she has bear feet!

How does Mei go to hospital?

 In a bamboolance!

What’s Mei’s favourite time of year?

Pandacake day!

What did Mei say to the ghost?


Why did Mei's parents say she was being lazy?

She was only doing the bear minimum!

What do you call it when Mei is sick?

A panda-emic!

What did Mei say when she changed?

This is unBEARable!

Why does Mei have a fur coat?

A red panda would look silly in a denim jacket!

What happens when Mei goes to laser quest?

She eats, shoots and leaves!

How does Mei travel?

In a bear-o-plane!