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Tantalizingly Tricky TOMORROW X TOGETHER Trivia Quiz

TXT is right up there with the best of K-Pop, but are you an expert?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 20th 2024

Tomorrow X Together have done a lot for the world of music, and created their whole own brand of amazing songs to take the crown of K-Pop glory! But how well do you know them? Would you call yourself an expert on this band, or you are still a noob when it comes to TXT? Let’s find out once and for all! Here we go!


Which country are TXT from?


They were the first Korean group to play at which big American festival?


What was the name of their first album?


How many members of TXT are there?


What is Soobin’s favourite food?


Which music video is this?


Which of their songs is about being different?


What languages do they NOT sing in?


Which song’s music video is this a still image from?


What sport do they do in Lo$er=Lover?

Uh oh! Okay, maybe this isn’t your best result, but that’s okay! You had a good go of this quiz and that’s what counts, but you haven’t done quite as well as you might have liked… Eeek! But don’t worry, you can do a bit more research? Once you’ve done that, get straight back here and smash this quiz! You can do it!

Nice! Not bad at all, you’ve got the kind of brain that holds K-Pop facts pretty well! But still, we think that you can do better, so why not have another go at this quiz and see if you can ace it?! After all, there’s no such thing as a K-Pop star straight off the shelf - you’ve got to work for it, just like TXT did and a bit like these quizzes too!

Awesome! Well done! You know loads about TXT, in fact there isn’t much you don't! Great work! From their biggest tunes to their quietest little promo tracks, you’ve got it down! You’re really close to getting 100% on this quiz so why not give it one last go and see if you can beat it completely? Summon the spirit of BTS and let’s get full marks!

Incredible! You did it! You’re the true txt expert! You know everything that’s worth knowing about this amazing group and everything that comes along with them! Give yourself a big old pat on the back and a congratulations, you’ve done what very very few people have ever done before! Well done, soak up the glory! Anyone up for a karaoke session?