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Which K-Pop Idol Are You?

Are YOU a fan of K-Pop? Total Tzuyu or vivacious V? Find out which idol you are with this K-Poptastic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 12th 2023

Calling all K-Pop fans! How much do you know about this incredible music genre that's taking the world by storm?

If you’re new to this musical party, K-Pop stands for Korean pop, and it's all about catchy tunes, colourful music videos, and amazing dance moves. Imagine a blend of pop, hip-hop, and electronic music, sprinkled with a dash of effortlessly cool Korean culture and style. It's a tasty recipe for musical magic!

In K-Pop, there are many talented acts like BTS, Blackpink, and Twice. These groups have talented singers, rappers, and dancers who work together to create music that makes it impossible to sit still. Each member has their own special role, like the lead vocalist, the rapper, or the main dancer. It's like a team of superheroes coming together to save the day, but instead of fighting villains, they make awesome music! And as far as we can tell, no-one has chosen to wear a cape or mask… yet!

K-Pop music videos are like mini-movies filled with amazing special effects and energy. You'll spot eye-catching outfits, stunning choreography, and vibrant backdrops. Once you see one K-Pop video on YouTube, cancel all your plans as you’ll want to watch one after the other. 

What's really amazing about K-Pop is how it brings people from all over the world together. Each act’s fans take the time to learn the dance routines, and sing along to the songs, even if they might not understand the Korean lyrics. It's like a big, global dance party where everyone is invited! What’s better than that?

Well, we have the answer. This personality quiz! If you’ve ever wondered which K-Pop star you’re most like but can’t quite decide, this quiz will do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is answer these 10 simple questions. Our K-Pop computer system will crunch the numbers and analyse the statistics and give you a definite answer.

So, what are you waiting for?

1/10 Twice

What do you enjoy the most?

@weareone.exo | Instagram

How would your friends describe you? 

@weareone.exo | Instagram

What sort of food do you like? 

4/10 Seventeen

How are you most likely to style yourself? 


What can't you resist? 

6/10 Rosie
roses_are_rosie | Instagram

What are you most likely to say? 


What's your ideal job if you were not a K-Pop Idol?


What is your pet hate?

9/10 BTS
btsjimin | Instagram

What star sign do you like the best? 

Twice |

What is your favourite colour? 

@queentzuyu | Instagram


You're Tzuyu from TWICE! You're calm and gentle with a great work ethic. Everyone appreciates your serenity, focus and how real you are. Good job!

V from BTS
@BTS_twt | Twitter


You're V from BTS! You may look a little serious at times, but underneath you're fun and popular - everyone wants to be your pal! You have a bubbly outgoing personality and are super talented. Good job!



You're Irene from Red Velvet! You're known for being a very quiet person, and a little shy - but very kind. Despite this you are great leader and your friends really respect you. Good job!

@oohsehun | Instagram

Sehun (EXO)!

You're Sehun! You're known your endless cuteness. Like Sehun you're extremely playful and can't stay in one spot. You're energetic and charismatic... well done!

Quiz Writer: Beano Quiz Team  

You may love this K-Pop quiz so much that you decide to do it TWICE – which might make you a Jinius!  

Because if you’re the kind of person who can tell their BTS from their BLTs, then have we got the K-Pop quizzes for you! From BLACKPINK to BTS, Stray Kids to IVE, you’ll find out while is such a K-Pop-ular destination for all music fans! 

We wrote this quiz so you can match your unique personality to your favourite K-Pop star! When you’re done, why not get a friend to take it and compare the results!