Youtube Facts

How many of these crazy Youtube facts did you know?

Youtube is full of cool stuff - but it's also full of cool facts! Billions of people, views and likes come together on Youtube every day - check out these awesome facts about Youtube!  If you enjoyed this, why not have a go at our Youtuber Quizzes, or see if you can  Guess The Youtuber here!

Youtube was founded in 2005

That's a long time ago! It was founded by some guys who worked for Paypal, and originally they planned for it to be a dating site! 

1 billion hours of youtube is watched a day!

 No, there aren't a billion hours in a day, but put together, it adds up to that! That's 31 YEARS of Youtube a day! 

Woman looking amazed

Gangnam Style broke Youtube

Gangnam Style was so popular that Youtube couldn't cope with the number of people watching it! 

Gangam Style video screenshot
Image by Psy | Youtube

Youtube is the 2nd most visited site in the world

After Google, Youtube is the most visited site! That's billions of people checking in every day! 

The earth in space

Youtube's headquarters are in California

The Youtube headwquarters also includes a SLIDE for employees if they don't want to use the stairs! Bet you wish they had one of those at school! 


The first ever youtube video was at the San Diego zoo,which has over 3,700 animals! They probably don't watch much Youtube though...

It showed one of the founders going around the zoo, which 

Girl looking at goats through cage

'Hello' by Adele reached 1 billion views in only 88 days

At the time it was the quickest ever video to reach 1 billion views! Well done Adele! 

Pop star Adele
Image by Adele | Youtube

Youtube is banned in some countries

Youtube has been banned (and then sometimes unbanned) in countries like Russia, China, Syria and North Korea among others. How would you cope if you couldn't watch youtube? No more silly dog videos?!

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Music is the most popular topic searched

Duh! Music makes up billions of searches on Youtube. Do you have a favourite music video that you keep watching over and over again?

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Justin Bieber started on youtube

In 2007 Justin Bieber started uploading videos to Youtube. He was just 12 years old at the time, and no one knew who he was! Now he's one of the most famous people in the world. Who knows who the next Youtube superstar will be?

Justin Bieber
Image by Justin Bieber | Youtube

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