StacyPlays: Everything You Need to Know!

Here's a load of facts about the YouTube star StacyPlays!

StacyPlays isn't her real name, is it?

No! Her real name is actually Stacy Hinojosa and she was born on 23 August 1983 in Utah

Stacy Hinojosa aka StacyPlays
Image by Stacy Hinojosa

So what does Stacy play, then?

She's a fan of Minecraft and is an avid player, posting videos onto her YouTube page since 2013

Stacy Hinojosa aka StacyPlays
Image by StacyPlays | YouTube

There seems to be lots of pets in her vlogs. How many does she have?

Stacy has has 2 dogs named Page and Molly. She has 2 cats, one called Milquetoast and the other is Pipsqueak – you can get pet plushies in her online shop!

StacyPlays has her own range of plushies
Image by stacyplays | YouTube

What's her book about?

Inspired by Minecraft, 'Wild Rescuers: Guardians of the Taiga' is about a girl "raised by a pack of wolves and her quest to protect their shared forest home" 

The girl is called Stacy, but we won't think it's based on a true story

StacyPlays has written a book called Wild Rescuers: Guardians of the Taiga
Image by stacyplays | YouTube

Stacy hosts 2 different YouTube channels

StacyPlays is all about her Minecraft adventures, while StacyVlogs looks at the other parts of her exciting life!

StacyPlays goes on a Minecraft shopping spree
Image by stacyplays | YouTube

She's got a special nickname for her fans

Stacy calls her fans 'potato flakes', named after her favourite type of milk! 

Stacy Hinojosa
Image by stacyvlogs | YouTube

Stacy loves dogs, so how does that work when it comes to playing games?

She created DogCraft - which is basically Minecraft. In the game, she rescues dogs and builds homes for them!

Stacy Hinojosa plays Minecraft-style game DogCraft
Image by stacyplays | YouTube

What's the strangest fact we can learn about Stacy?

She's apparently never eaten a tomato and her favourite TV show is Shark Tank!

Stacy Hinojosa
Image by stacyvlogs | YouTube

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