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Ultimate Fruit Quiz Questions

Do you know your apples from your pears? Check your fruit skills with this a-peel-ing quiz!

Everyone loves fruit, don’t they? Test your trivia of nature’s sweet stuff by taking this awesome quiz!

Be warned, this test doesn’t count towards your five-a-day, unfortunately…


Tomatoes are fruit. True or false?


Strawberries are actually a type of pea. True or false?


"Conference" and "Williams" are types of what kind of fruit? This is a hard one! 


Which of these ISN'T a real type of fruit?


95% of all the bananas in the world are clones of one FIRE-BREATHING MEGA BANANA. True or false?


What kind of fruit is this?


The Durian is the world's stinkiest fruit and is grown in Asia. How stinky is it?


Pineapples are grown all over the world. But where are they from originally?


Kiwi fruits used to be called "melongolings". True or false?


What are raisins?

11/12 Cauliflower

One small head of cauliflower has more Vitamin C than an orange. True or false?

12/12 Rhubarb

Why do you never see rhubarb in the fruit section of the supermarket? 

Nooo! The banana is angry! Try again?

Not bad! Have another go and see if you can beat this score!

Good job! You know your fruit!

Amazing! You're a fruit fanatic! High score!

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