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The Ultimate Socksfor1 Quiz

How much do you know about YouTuber and gamer Socksfor1? Take this ultimate quiz and see how much you know about his content! How well will you do?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 17th 2022

Take our ultimate Socksfor1 quiz and test your knowledge of this YouTubing and gaming star! Love Socksfor1? Try our Ultimate Minecraft Quiz!

1/12 Screaming pineapple on socks background

What's Socksfor1's real name?

2/12 Socksfor1 screenshot
Socksfor1| YouTube

When did he join YouTube?

3/12 Pair of mismatched stripy socks on white background with silly faces

What's his second channel called?

4/12 Magnifying glass on world map

Where is he from?

5/12 Owl with silly face and yellow splat

Who does FatMemeGod get married to?

6/12 Someone reading a book with yellow splat

Which of these are some of Socksfor1's real life hobbies?

7/12 Socksfor1 Minecraft screenshot

When is his birthday?

8/12 Man dressed as a jester

Which of these has NOT been a med of Socksfor1?

9/12 Socksfor1 screenshot
Socksfor1 | YouTube

How many subs does he have on YouTube?

10/12 Happy dog face on sock background

How many views total has Socksfor1 had on YouTube?

11/12 Among Us characters
Among Us | Inner Sloth Games

Which of these games is Socksfor1 best known for playing?

12/12 Tortoise with cupcake on it's shell

True or false: he has a pet tortoise?


Wow, you're a Socksfor1 expert!


Well done, you must be a big Socksfor1 fan!


Not bad, but you could do better! Have another go and see if you learn anything else about Socksfor1!


Uh oh, looks like you don't know anything about Socksfor1! Try again and see if you do any better!