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Alicia Keys Quiz For Super Fans Only!

Alicia Keys is one of the stars of the music scene, but how well do you know her?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 6th 2024

Lots of people claim to know their stuff when it comes to pop music, but very few can claim to be champions - why not take this quiz and see if you’ve got what it takes to call yourself the Alicia Keys expert! Can you stay in tune and keep in rhythm? Try your hand at this quiz and find out!


Where is Alicia Keys from?


What is her real name?


What is her instrument of choice?

Alicia Keys | YouTube

Her first huge song was called Fallin’ - but when was it released?


How old was she when she started playing piano?


What big football tournament did she perform at?


Which Superhero movie did she make a song for?


If you answered America for question one - well done! But which city was she raised in?


Alicia was in a famous film about which flying animal, called the ‘Secret Life of…’


Aside from music, what does she like collecting?

Alicia Keys | YouTube

Uh oh! Alright, maybe this isn’t the result you were after, but hey, nobody knows everything from the start, do they?! Even the greatest performers didn't hit the stage for their first show so easily!! It takes time and dedication, so why not give it another shot and see if you can demonstrate the same level of dedication needed to score better!

Alicia Keys | YouTube

Nice job! You're getting into the groove! Alicia Keys would be impressed—with knowledge like this, your future in quizzes looks promising! Much like Keys, you never back down, but unlike her, you might've let a few slip by on this quiz. Why not give it another try and aim higher?

Alicia Keys | YouTube

Awesome! What a result! You've got nearly all the answers locked right in! It’s crystal clear! you know your stuff! Congratulations! Nobody becomes a star performer, or quiz whiz, overnight and definitely not without practice and careful thought! But can you hit 100%? Why not give it one last shot and see if you can ace this quiz?

Alicia Keys | YouTube

Pow! Incredible! You haven't missed a single question! Just like Alicia’s music, you never miss a beat! Knowledge like this is rare, so soak it all in. You're a champ so savour the moment and the glory of the quiz crown! Once you're done celebrating your 100% score, why not tackle some of the other quizzes on the site? Let's see if you can beat those too!