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Voice Activated Video? Forget Alexa, Try Out Our New Hands-Free Beano-Bot!

Typing is SO overrated, right? But what if you could control the Beano... just by using your voice?

Everyone knows Beano loves Alexa, so that gave us an idea… why not make an Alexa of our own?

So we got the brightest-minded Beano boffins to design a special voice activated system, which means you can now control our great videos – just by talking to them!

And don’t worry if you don’t know how to use it, because we’ve got Ky, Lexi and Dan on hand to show you exactly what to do.

Just follow their instructions and you can fill the screen with anything from unicorns to slime and…

What’s that? You didn’t shout too loudly, did you?

(Don’t worry if you did, because you haven’t shattered your screen! And to make yourself feel better, why not play the prank on your pals and have a laugh at them instead).