Weird Christmas Traditions from Around the World

South Africa

A traditional South African Christmas meal includes deep-fried Emperor Moth larvae. It's either these or sprouts. Your choice.

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In Kazakhstan, Father Christmas is called the Snow King. Which is fine...but not quite as jolly, somehow.

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Catalonia, a region in Spain, has a tradition called the 'pooing log', where the family makes a little man out of a log then feeds it sweets until Christmas Eve. Then, when he's full, the family beat the log-man up with sticks until he poos all the sweets out again.

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In Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela, people rollerskate into church!

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A little closer to home, the Welsh practice an ancient tradition called Mari Lwyd that involves parading round the town with a horse's skull on a stick. Spooky!

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In Japan, rather than turkey, everyone opts for fried chicken. KFC is overrun on Christmas Day, so much so that it requires pre-booking. Finger-lickin' good!

Japanese KFC at Christmas
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