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What % Bellatrix Lestrange Are You? Quiz

Take this cool personality quiz and find out how devoted you are to the Dark Lord? Are you 100% Bellatrix, or a big ol softie? Find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 18th 2023

It's time to find out just how into the Dark Arts you are! Are you completely devoted to the Dark Lord? Or do you just have really unruly hair? Take this special Harry Potter personality quiz and we'll tell you what percent Bellatrix Lestrange you are! And if you've enjoyed this, check out loads more Harry Potter quizzes here!

1/10 Hamster, cat and splat

Pick a pet

2/10 Hogwarts crest and question marks

Choose a Hogwarts house

3/10 Marauder's map with splats and wand

Choose a Marauder

4/10 Two doggo friends

How would your friends describe you?

5/10 Potion and dragon

Choose a potion ingredient

6/10 Forbidden Forest with Dementors

Choose a holiday destination

7/10 Man with allergies and giraffe

Are you allergic to anything?

8/10 Voldy on lightning background

What are you mostly likely to say to You Know Who?

9/10 Ice cream background and question marks

Choose an ice cream flavour

10/10 Fancy looking rich guy

What do you want most in the world?

0% Result


You're not Bellatrix at all! You're basically Mrs. Weasley - kind, thoughtful, good at house spells and you hate You Know Who!

25% result


You're a little bit Bellatrix - you've occasionally stepped on an ant and laughed manically. And you have crazy hair. But that's about it!

75% result


You're basically half Bellatrix, half not - half good, have evil! You love the Dark Lord, cackling and wearing black, but you're also into things like flowers and saving Hogwarts.

100% Result


Your enemies better watch out, because you're 100% Bellatrix! You're up to your elbows in dark magic and you love it! You should really give your hair a wash though, the evil is making it a bit greasy