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What Kind of Cheese Am I?

But what cheese am I really? Think caerphilly!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 6th 2022

There comes a time when everyone asks themselves: what type of cheese am I?

Well, there's never been a feta time to find out!


What was the last thing you ate that had cheese in it?


Where would you rather go on holiday?


You know those slices of American cheese that come in the little plastic packets? They are...

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Pick a texture:


What's your favourite type of pizza?

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Pick a drink:


Do you like blue cheese?


Cheese and fish. Do they go together?

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Pick a musical instrument:


Choose a cheesy thing:


What kind of cracker would you rather eat cheese on?


What's your LEAST favourite type of cheese?

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You're in a fancy Italian restaurant and the pizza you ordered isn't cheesy enough. What do you do?

You're Cheddar!

You're a good, reliable cheese. You melt well and whilst you're not THAT exciting - you're a lot of people's all-time favourite.

You're Mozzarella!

You're that gooey, stretchy pizza cheese! You've got a bit less flavour than other types - but with that squishy melty thing you've got going on, who cares?

You're Stilton!

You're a pretty full-on cheese! Too much of you is quite an experience, but you're still very popular and fancy. An excellent choice!

You're halloumi!

You're an interesting one! You're one of the only cheeses that can be fried and grilled and doesn't melt. You're salty and delicious, and probably magical in some way too. Who knows?