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What Doctor Who Character Are You?

Total Time lord or definite Dalek? Find out what Doctor Who character you are with this epic personality quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 10th 2022

Are you a fan of the time-travelling, space-bending, mind-blowing TV series Doctor Who? Who would you be? With so many weird and wonderful characters to choose from that’s not an easy question but hopefully this quiz will give you a clue! For more be sure to check out our hilarious Doctor Who Jokes or why not find out once and for all Which Doctor You Are!

1/10 Recent doctors
Doctor Who | BBC

What is your greatest strength?

2/10 Pals and a Llama

How would your friends describe you?

3/10 Daleks
Doctor Who | BBC

What do you like to do in your spare time?

4/10 Colour burst

What is your favourite colour?

5/10 Pile of biscuits

Pick a biscuit!

6/10 Girl wondering

What is your greatest weakness?

7/10 Angry girl screaming

How do you react when you’re angry?

8/10 Woman in shades applying makeup

Describe your personal style?

9/10 The Doctor
Doctor Who | BBC

How would you describe yourself?

10/10 Sontaran
Doctor Who | BBC

Generally, are you a liker or a hater?

The Doctor
Doctor Who | BBC

The Doctor!

You're the Doctor! You're smart (some would say a genius!), resourceful, empathetic towards other and you're always trying to save the universe... which is pretty demanding! You love your companions and would do anything to help them. Nice work!

The Companion
Doctor Who | BBC

The Companion!

You're the Companion! The Doctor has had a lot of different companions over the years, and they've all been amazing in different ways. They have also always had a few things in common – they are loyal, ready for adventure and are 100% the person you want on your side. That’s you!

Doctor Who | BBC


You’re the TARDIS! But is the Tardis an actual character!? Well yes! The Tardis IS a sentient being – some might say it’s the most important ‘person’ in the series, after the Doctor themselves. Like the TARDIS you are adaptable, chameleon-like and bigger on the inside, than on the outside. Bless!

Doctor Who | BBC


You're a Dalek! Some might say that makes you repetitive, evil and humourless, but we say, everyone loves a trier! They never give up and nor do you! Good job. Now... EXTERMINATE!!!