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What % Sirius Black Are You?

Are you just like Sirius Black? We've put together this personality quiz just to find out what percent Sirius Black you are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 3rd 2023

Are you anything like Harry Potter's flying motorbike riding, convict on the run godfather Sirius Black? Answer some questions and we'll tell you just how much of a Sirius Black you are! And we've got loads more Harry Potter quizzes here! Maybe you fancy this ultimate Ravenclaw quiz? Or you might want to have a go at this Harry Potter best friend quiz? Or why not find out who your Harry Potter crush is!

1/10 Parchment background with mouse and question marks

Pick a Marauder

2/10 Man with unruly hair and Beano Hagrid

How's your hair?

3/10 Arrow pointing to secret door in the snow

Where would you hide if you were on the run?

4/10 Beano Harry Potter characters on library background

Choose another Harry Potter character

5/10 Portrait of Tudor man on stone wall

Pick a Hogwarts painting

6/10 Hedwig riding a flying motorbike through the starry sky

Choose a skill

7/10 Tapestry with potato people to show a family tree

Pick a Black family member

8/10 Old book with question marks

Choose a quote

9/10 Sirius' dog Patronus and wand

Pick a patronus

10/10 Gary Oldman in The Fifth Element
The Fifth Element | Gaumont | Buena Vista | Luc Besson | Patrice Ledoux

Choose a Gary Oldman character

0% Sirius Result


You're nothing like Sirius! Which might be a good thing - it means you're not a convicted criminal! You don't really fancy a life on the run fighting Death Eaters, and that's totally fair! You've also probably got better hair!

25% Sirius Result


You've got a bit of Sirius in you - maybe you're really independent, or maybe you have messy hair, but that's about everything you share with Mr. Black! You prefer a quiet night of reading like Hermione to riding a motorbike!

75% Sirius Result


You're pretty similar to Sirius! You're brave, independent, and you'll always stand up for what's right! The only difference is you've probably never been to prison (we hope)!

100% Sirius Result


You're basically Sirius Black! You've got a motorbike, you're on the run, and you'll stop at nothing to defeat evil! But remember to chill out sometimes as well, yeah?