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What Supernatural Creature Am I?

Which mythical being are you most like? Take this scientific quiz and wonder no more!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Let's find out!

1/10 The moon

What are you like in the evening?


What's your bedroom like?

3/10 A man guzzling popcorn
Originals | Giphy

Pick a film to watch!

4/10 Rainbow glitter

Are you a fan of glitter?

5/10 A dog on a surfboard
Now This | Giphy

Favourite pet?

6/10 A faulty umbrella

It's absolutely chucking it down outside. What do you do?

7/10 A rabbit with a trolley full of tiny carrots
Originals | Giphy

What's the best thing about Sunday dinner?

8/10 A sleepy chihuahua

Are naps essential?


How do you normally get home from school?

10/10 A man singing with confidence

How would you describe your singing style?

A werewolf

You are a: WEREWOLF!

When the moon is full, you can shapeshift into a wolf. Let's hope your neighbours don't own chickens!

A cat dressed as a unicorn

You are a: UNICORN!

You're the fanciest of all horses, basically!

A dragon's eye

You are a: DRAGON!

Is a family member struggling to light a BBQ, a fire or the candles on a birthday cake? It's a good job you're around, then.

A vampire

You are a: VAMPIRE!

You're got pointy teeth and are a general nuisance when the sun goes down. Not a fan of garlicky food, though.