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What’s Your Dragon Name?

Find out your dragon name with this epic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

What's Your Dragon Name?


Pick a continent 

2/8 Giant Lizard

Choose a treasure to guard

3/8 Boy dressed as dragon

Choose a famous dragon

4/8 Boy dressed as wizard

Who is your enemy?

5/8 Iguana

What's the best thing about being a dragon?

6/8 Silly dog

Choose another fearsome mythical animal

7/8 Dog in a dragon costume

Choose a Harry Potter dragon

8/8 Scales

Choose a colour for your scales 

Startail result

Star Tail. Destroyer of Men

Your name is Star Tail, Destroyer of Men - You shine in the night sky, and all mankind fear your mighty roar 

Jetscale result

Jetscale, Slayer of The Corrupt

Your dragon name is Jetscale, Slayer of The Corrupt! A name for a powerful, dark dragon!

Blackblood result

Blackblood, Scourge of the Dark Forests

Your dragon name is Blackblood, Scourge of the Dark Forests! A fearsome name to tremble at. 

Steven result


Your dragon name is Steven! ...Sorry