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What's Your Dragon Name?

Find out your dragon name with this epic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 28th 2021

The magical process of choosing a dragon name is seeped in mystery. It’s a complex ritual using Elven magic, a pinch of dried troll blood and a jamjar containing a particularly noxious gnome fart. Whether your name is seeped in ancient folklore like JRR Tolkien’s Scatha the Worm and Smaug from The Hobbit, our something a bit more friendly like Cressida Cowell’s Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon, we hope you’ll be happy with your dragon name. If you’re not please don’t fly over our village and burn our barns with your fiery breath, oh majestic Great One!

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What's Your Dragon Name?


What reason do you have for wanting a Dragon name?


Be honest, which sentence describes you best?


What do you plan do with your fiery breath?


Pick a continent 

5/11 Giant Lizard

Choose a treasure to guard

6/11 Boy dressed as dragon

Choose a famous dragon

7/11 Boy dressed as wizard

Who is your enemy?

8/11 Iguana

What's the best thing about being a dragon?

9/11 Silly dog

Choose another fearsome mythical animal

10/11 Dog in a dragon costume

Choose a Harry Potter dragon

11/11 Scales

Choose a colour for your scales 

Startail result

Star Tail. Destroyer of Men

Your name is Star Tail, Destroyer of Men - You shine in the night sky, and all mankind fear your mighty roar 

Jetscale result

Jetscale, Slayer of The Corrupt

Your dragon name is Jetscale, Slayer of The Corrupt! A name for a powerful, dark dragon!

Blackblood result

Blackblood, Scourge of the Dark Forests

Your dragon name is Blackblood, Scourge of the Dark Forests! A fearsome name to tremble at. 

Steven result


Your dragon name is Steven! ...Sorry