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Which Famous Christmas Character Are You?

Are you a Grinch or more like Kevin from Home Alone? Find out by taking this festive quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 22nd 2022

Of all the famous Christmas characters on TV and Film, you've got to have a favourite - right?

Some Christmas characters like Scrooge or the Grinch are downright moody, some are super creative while others are happy and jolly like Buddy the Elf or the Ghost of Christmas Present!

To find out which one you’re most like is simple. We’ve got our quiz elves to create a special personality quiz. All you have to do is answer each question and they’ll go back to their quiz lab and calculate the answer in a second. 

Good luck!

1/10 A couple exchanging gifts at Christmas

How calm are you in the run up to Christmas?

2/10 Santa preparing his list of naughty and nice kids

How early do you start writing your Christmas list?

3/10 A man waking up late and checking his alarm clock

When's the most acceptable time to wake everyone up on Christmas Day?

4/10 Children and a snowglobe

What's the best way to celebrate Christmas?

5/10 Christmas stocking

How big is your Christmas stocking?


What's your favourite thing to eat on Christmas Day?

7/10 A gamer grandad

What's the best game to play at Christmas?

8/10 A snowman

It's snowing outside! Pick something to wear!


What's the greatest part about Christmas crackers?

10/10 Christmas pudding

How many portions of Christmas pudding could you eat?

Buddy the Elf
New Line Cinema


You wish it could be Christmas all the year round! You're also quite loud when you're excited.

Hughes Entertainment | 20th Century Fox


If you had the chance, you'd just eat lovely cheese pizzas and watch films. You're also very good at making sure your house is safe from rubbish burglars.

The Grinch
Imagine Entertainment

You are: THE GRINCH!

You once attempted to pinch an entire town's Christmas presents, but you get what it's all about now.

Susan Walker from Miracle on 34th Street
Hughes Entertainment | 20th Century Fox


Just like Susan from Miracle on 34th Street, Christmas can be a magical time. Plus, you're on first name terms with Santa! How cool is that?