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Which City Am I?

Which assortment of buildings and roads are you? Find out in this neat quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Which City Am I?

1/10 Rainy street with smiley

Choose some weather

2/10 Plate on waffles on white background

Choose a snack

3/10 Ancient Egyptian carving

Choose a historical period

4/10 Castle in mountains with arrow and splats

Pick an attraction

5/10 Pigeon looking at camera

Oh no, a bird just pooped on your lunch! But what kind of bird?

6/10 Tour group on bridge

Pick a tour to go on

7/10 Pile of banknotes and question mark

Pick a currency

8/10 People on segways and screaming pineapple

Pick a way to sightsee

9/10 View of Oslo with arrow

Pick a city to be twinned with

10/10 City view with smiley face

What's your favourite thing about cities?

London result


You're London! You're a bit rough around the edges but that's what makes you unique! You've always got something fun going on! And you're full of pigeons!ย 

New York result

New York

You're New York! You're the coolest of the cool and you love pizza, musicals and themeparks!ย 

Paris result


You're Paris! You're stylish, sophisticated and sometimes you think you're better than everyone else. But you're right, you are!ย 

Rome result


You're Rome! You're always super busy and on the go! You love history, ice cream and paintings!ย