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Which Hercules Character Would Be Your Bestie?

Who's your Hercules bestie? Are you training with Hercules or hanging out with Hades?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 18th 2023

If Hercules is your favourite Disney film, you've probably thought about which character you'd hang out with! Could you be Hercules' gym buddy, would you enjoy gossing with Meg - or are you and Hades ruling the underworld together? It's time to find out! Then, have a go at our Hercules trivia quiz, laugh your head off with some Hercules jokes, and see if you can ace this Greek mythology quiz!


You're attacked by a hydra! What's your reaction?


Pick a Greek God


What's your favourite sport?


Pick a song from the film!


Which animal would be your loyal companion?


Pick a Pixar film


What's your favourite thing to do with your bestie?


Where would you and your bestie hang out?


It's the school play! What are you doing?


Which colour speaks to you?


Hercules is your new bestie! You're probably also strong and determined to be a hero, so you guys could totally be gym buddies!


Phil is your bestie! You guys would get in because you're both a little prickly and you like to be left alone - but you'll always show up for your friends when they need you! You two would be the kind of friends who can spend hours sitting in silence, just doing your own thing - but you're also the best hype-man a person could want!


You and Meg would be UNSTOPPABLE as a duo! You're both sassy as heck, and you'd have a great time gossiping!


You and Hades would get on like a house on fire (or, a head on fire??)! Sure, he's not the nicest of guys, but you just know hanging out with him would be hilarious. You've both got a sarcastic sense of humour, and a snark-off between you two would be legendary!