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Which Hotel Transylvania: Transformania Character Are You?

Find out which of the terrifying Hotel Transylvania: Transformania characters you are most like!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 4th 2022

We love the Hotel Transylvania movies and maybe, just maybe Hotel Transyvania: Transformania is the best one so far. It’s a frightfully good movie!

When you’ve worked out which Hotel Transylvania Character You Are, cast your monstrous shadow over this How Spooky Are You? quiz and our awesome Which Halloween Monster Am I?

1/10 A person eating popcorn

What’s your favourite horror movie?

2/10 A waiter holding two plates of food

What meal would you order from Hotel Transylvania Room Service?


3/10 Design your Hotel Transylvania bedroom?

4/10 A bat hanging upside down on a beach

Where would you build a monster hotel?

5/10 A scientist holding a beaker

What’s job will you do in the future?

6/10 A hammer hitting an alarm clock

How do you kill time?


7/10 Favourite monster colour?


8/10 What’s your ideal pet?

9/10 A skeleton looking at a laptop

Pick your favourite monster!

10/10 A fluffy cat

How often have you seen Hotel Transylvania?

Result: Johnny
Hotel Transylvania: Transformania | Sony | Murdocca | Tartakovsky

You are: Johnny!

Like Johnny you can get a little bit too excited in your quest to make everybody happy. But they’ll always forgive you because they know that under that monstrous appearance there’s a heart of gold!

Result: Drac
Hotel Transylvania: Transformania | Sony | Murdocca | Tartakovsky

You are: Drac!

You’re in charge. But all that responsibility can make you a little grumpy sometimes? Maybe leave it up to someone else to lead, sometimes. Put your feet up and enjoy a nice, cool, glass of blood substitute!

Result: Wayne
Hotel Transylvania: Transformania | Sony | Murdocca | Tartakovsky

You are: Wayne!

Like Wayne you can get a little stressed and anxious sometimes. People might not realise that you’ve got a wild side too!

Result: Van Helsing
Hotel Transylvania: Transformania | Sony | Murdocca | Tartakovsy

You are: Abraham Van Helsing!

Ok. So maybe you’re not a really old man but that doesn’t mean we can’t think you’re a little bit like the crazed inventor and vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing.