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Which One Direction Member Are You?

Find out by taking our highly scientific quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 8th 2022

Being in a successful pop group like One Direction takes a lot of hard work. There's lots of photo shoots, interviews and lots of flights around the world. That's not to mention playing massive shows in front of thousands of adoring fans every night. We've all dreamed of being the band, haven't we? Which member are you most like? Is it Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne or Louis Tomlinson? Find out now!

1/14 One Direction displaying a new CD release

You're asked to pose for a photo with your new record. What kind of face do you make?

2/14 A One Direction gif

You're in a filmed interview and the presenter wants to know some gossip about the band. How do you react?

3/14 One Direction video for What Makes You Beautiful

You're told to bring your own clothes to a video shoot for a new single. What will you wear?

4/14 One Direction press photo
@onedirection | Instagram

You're at a photo shoot. How do you behave?

5/14 One Direction
One Direction

You're on the red carpet at a posh film premiere in London. What do you do?

6/14 One Direction
One Direction

What's the best thing to do at a celebrity party?

7/14 One Direction
One Direction

You've got loads of money and you fancy going on a shopping trip. What do you want to buy?

8/14 One Direction
One Direction

You're in the studio and you've finished recording your vocals. What do you do next?

9/14 One Directions

You've just reached 30 million followers on Twitter. How do you celebrate?

10/14 One Direction
onedirection | Twitter

There's hundreds of fans outside of your hotel! How do you react?

11/14 One Direction the TV show Ellen
ellentube | YouTube

You're being interviewed on the telly. What should you not do?

12/14 One Direction
One Direction/Cal Aurand | Twitter

What's the best thing to wear on stage?

13/14 One Direction

You're allowed to order any food you like before a big concert. What would you like?

14/14 One Direction
onedirection | Twitter

What do you wish your last album sounded like?

One Direction

You're Harry Styles!

One Direction

You're Louis Tomlinson!

One Direction

You're Liam Payne!

One Direction

You're Niall Horan!