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Which Netflix Character Are You? Quiz

Netflix is home to approximately a squillion awesome shows. Which Netflix character are you most like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Which Netflix Character Are You? Quiz


How do your friends describe you? Be honest...


Danger ahead! What's the plan? 


3/10 What's your favourite colour?


What's your netflix vibe?


How messy is your bedroom?


Choose a super hero power!


How much TV do you watch a day?


What's your favourite hobby?


Pick your ideal ride for the school run


Pick your favourite snack

Hilda | Netflix, Silvergate Media, Mercury Filmworks | Netflix

You're Hilda

Brave caring and considerate!

Dangermouse | Freemantle | CBBC

You are Danger Mouse

You're sweet natured, humble and VERY intelligent!You're Kakuna. The grown-ups in your life might think your lazy, but underneath the duvet, grand schemes are being plotted and the worlds problems are being put to right in secret!

Puss In Boots | Dreamworks | Netflix

You are Puss in Boots

Sometimes you feel anxious but that's fine. There's nothing wrong with being cautious and aware of danger, especially when your friends know they can rely on you to make sure everything is safe.

A Series of Unfortunate Events | Paramount Television | Netflix

Count Olaf

Suffer the fool that comes between you and your friends. Fiercely loyal and strong, your (metaphorical) bony exoskeleton conceals a heart of gold!